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Shure M 97 XE cartridge
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The highest model of a phono cartridge produced by the legendary producer - SHURE.
M97xE with an HI-FI class insert, equipped with a Moving magnet transducer, has an elliptical needle: 0.2x0.7mil. I guarantee perfect tracking parameters (tracking) by just 1.2g of pressure.

M97xE is an extremely smooth sounding phono cartridge that has been designed to provide long hours of listening to undistorted music without hearing loss. The possibility of an extremely precise run in the groove of the board and a flat frequency response result from the use of the unique Shure Type II design, with a very light thin-walled aluminum alloy bracket and a very precisely made and polished elliptical tip of the diamond needle.


Arm fixing: standard 1/2" mount
Insert type:

    • pressure force:
    • 0.75 - 1.5g (7.5 - 15mN)
      • recommended pressure force:
      • 1.25g (12.5mN){{/en}}
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